Friday, April 27, 2012

Warm up exercise

I found this warm up exercise that I am going to set up tomorrow and try -

Form of Warm-Up Exercise
One of the most beneficial warm-up routines is to lightly massage the neck, shoulder and hind quarter muscles for 10-15 seconds on each side.
Then walk the horse on a lead (already geared up) over 3 parallel jumping poles spaced 4 metres apart on a flat surface, at an angle of 450 to the poles, in a figure 8 pattern for 4-5 laps.
This exercise helps to flex the upper body and spine, strengthen the sacroiliac and lower back area, stretch muscles on both sides on the figure ‘8’ turns and encourages the horse to lift its legs and lightly flex the tendons.
Then a walk to the arena, mount and walk 60 metres up the centre line in a zig-zag pattern, turn at C and lightly trot in a zig-zag, shoulder in movement back to A to warm and limber up for the day’s training exercises.
Lateral movement pattern to strengthen sacroiliac ligaments to assist
recovery and reduce overall risk of sacroiliac sprain.

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