Sunday, April 1, 2012

Our Lesson

I have been having a lot of trouble with my saddle since the saddle fit so at home I have been using my all purpose saddle so at least I am balanced in the saddle.

Yesterday we travelled down to Albury (about an hour away) to have a lesson and my instructor was very kind in letting me try her saddle a Keiffer Ulla. OMG it was so nice and really let you sit deep and drive with your seat.

My lesson on the other hand was certainly hard. Not that they are ever easy but boy did she work us. About 45min of sitting trot! I have been having a lot of trouble at home and it certainly became apparent pretty quickly what it was. Every lesson I am told 'forward' 'get him more 'forward' but it wasn't the speed it was the activity in the hindquarters that she was after! DUH! At least the 'forward' that I had at home meant that Sam listened a little more when we asked him to be rounder and more active!

It took a good 45min of hard riding to get Sam to relax a bit more through his back and really let himself swing.

His canter was so much better, the activity in his hindquarters was amazing. He can be very ‘rocking horse’ like and it was great to feel the forward impulsion!. I think this was because we worked so hard on the trot it really helped the canter. As my instructor says at the moment we are ‘pretty good’ but we want GOOD! So more to work to go on with but we are slowly improving, each month we are getting it a little more together!

At the end of the lesson I went rising and I slowly let out the reins and Sam stretched down, his back came right up and that little engine from behind powered on! It was just fantastic!

The Keiffer Kurr that I mentioned in my last post, they didn't have it in black in stock! :(

I have found a new demo Keiffer Ulla in my local saddlery so I am off to see them tomorrow to line up a deal I think. Saddle shopping is expensive and a pain but it was really good to have a really decent ride in a saddle to really get a feel for it. Sam was happy in it and didn't seem sore after at all.

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