Friday, January 27, 2012

Right on track!

So much has been happening!

I'll start from the beginning. I don't really do New Years Resolutions but this year I decided to set myself some goals.

Be more focused with my riding
Try to ride Sam x5 times a week
Attend x2 training days through out the year
Attend x4 dressage competitions through out the year
Have at least 1 lesson a month

So far this month I have had my lesson, entered a dressage training day for next month and I have tried to focus better during my rides. Due to our very hot summer so far I haven't been able to ride x5 times a week. I am generally exhausted by the time I get home from work, we try to have dinner first and then I go out to ride.

Sam is working well and we have started shoulder in. I think I am trying to make it more difficult than it really is but we will get there! I had a saddle fitter come yesterday to check my saddles. My Keiffer fit the best and only required a little more packing at the front. My Anky doesn't fit at all so I will try and move that on. He was very thorougher and explained things well. He also said as politely as possible that Sam is obviously very well looked after and does not need to put on any more weight! I was also concerned that he may be a little sore in his back but he assured me that Sam was fine and he could tell that he has been working correctly with the muscle that is developing along his back - YAY we are finally getting ourselves into gear and working properly!

I also registered myself and Sam with the EA - Equestrian Australia. This is the organisation that helps organise our international events, the Olympic teams etc. I need to be part of this group for insurance when I compete or attend certain training days. Sam also had to be registered and so we had to come up with a competition name, what other name could we have chosen but SUPER SAM!

So we are on track with our training, fitness, health, and I think this year is going to be a good one!!!!!

On another note we have a new addition to our family. Betsy! We met Betsy at our local pound. She had been there since Boxing Day. No history is known, we don't know her name, breed, age, training but we are getting to know her and she us. (We gave her the name Betsy) She came home about 3 weeks ago and has settled in very well. She is only little - 17kgs and is now a very happy dog. He tail doesn't stop wagging! She is a little slow with the horses - has no fear which can be a little bit of a problem but she is slowly learning to stay out of their way.

She was checked by vets before we picked her up and they aged her around 8 years old, no idea on her breed but we are throwing around the idea of beagle, staffy, cocker spaniel. She has certainly been loved in the past so it is a mystery why she ended up in the pound - very sad.


Surveying her new home

The face that is constantly looking up at you!!!!

We were a little unsure about getting another dog as we only lost Jack in November last year. I didn't/haven't posted about that yet as I am still not strong enough or ready to share that story. He was part of our family for 13.5 years and we think the best dog ever!!!!

Betsy is a very good girl and we love her already. She gives good cuddles and when her whole body wriggles with excitement you can't help but smile and laugh with her!


Shannon said...

Betsy is so cute!

I love that Sam will be competing as "Super Sam". You couldn't have chosen a better name!

Remember that the end goal of shoulder in is simply to encourage the horse to carry more weight in his haunches. So long as you are accomplishing that, you are doing it right!

Ruffles said...

I love Super Sam as a Show Name!
Betsy is so cute, I'm sure she's loving her new home with you guys.
Glad things are going well with your riding. :) Good luck with your goals!!

Nina said...

Thanks Shannon - I will try and look at it that way, keep it simple! I think I expect too much from Sam and I - we are both stil learning so I guess we are allowed to be a little wobbly down the long side for now!

Hi Ruffles - Betsy is loving her new home! Sits quietly in the shade watching me ride and then comes back to the tack area with us smiling and wagging encouragment after our ride.