Saturday, January 28, 2012


I hate those frustrating rides! I had it all planned to work on transitions today. Halt - walk - trot and back down again. I wanted us to be forward and a little more off the aids than what we usually are. I visualised them in my head and what I would try and do with my body.

It was hot, still and yucky but sometimes it is going to be like that when we compete so I figured we have to be able to work in any weather. Sam was looky and more forward than usual. That will help I figured, nope, we had trouble even staying rhythmical at the trot.

I could feel myself getting worked up and I tried so hard to stay calm and not apply aids harshly. I had to give up. I had to dismount and go for a walk. I did some ground work with Sam - asking him to move his hindquarters, shoulders and to back up. I only did this for about 5min, hoped back on and could feel the difference. While he was still more forward than usual he was listening a lot better. By this stage it was dark and I was unable to get my lights to work for the arena so had to call it quits after about 5mins but I was happy where we ended. He was stretching down at the trot and a lot more rhythmical.

Tomorrow - tomorrow will be better!

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Anonymous said...

Sounds pretty good to me - getting things back on track when they're not going as expected can be very hard.

(and thanks so much for the encouraging words)