Sunday, May 20, 2012

Great Lesson!

Just got home from a great lesson!

I travelled into Wagga, we haven't had a lesson there this year I think, or if we have it would have been very early in the year. Sam is generally a little spooked at this venue and today he held it together really well. Yesterday's ride he was very forward outside of the arena and played up a few times on our trail ride so I was expecting Sam to be quite spooky today.

I mounted and walker him straight up to the arena end that normal gives us grief. He was looking but listened to me and stayed forward and moved off my leg when asked. We walked around and then moved into trot and worked on keeping him focused and forward. He was lovely and round with out much asking and Jodie our instructor was very pleased with how he was travelling so early.

This lesson  I felt very balanced and in control of my body and it obviously showed as at the end of the lesson we were complimented by Jodie as she remarked she could see improvement in both horse and rider!. I think Sam appreciated it as well!

Sam and I have figured out shoulder in as well it looks like. We have been practising for a few months now and I have been having a lot of trouble. Getting the wobbles mainly. Today we were able to keep it a lot smoother and straighter and I was even able to ask for some roundness as well and was given it!

After a walk break Sam came back upset. Not sure what was wrong so we kept him on a circle in trot and asked him to relax and reach down. We went large and coming across the diagonal he decided enough was enough and decided to have his say. It was a jump and a leap and shake of the head. We turned him on to a smaller circle and really asked him to work. He decided it was easier to work.

Our canter is improving all the time. Sometimes I don't feel the improvement at home so I guess that is why it is so good to have regular lessons, too improve of course but to know that you are on the track at home!

Next weekend is a big one. Sam and I are competing for the first time in 2 dressage tests. A Prep and a Prelim. Jodie is very happy that I decided to do a Prelim as well. She did say not to expect too much in that test but it will be good for my nerves to have a go. I just have to remember FORWARD!!!!!!!

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Wolfie said...

Congratulations! Love lessons like that, where you feel connected with your horse. Excellent work on bringing him back to work after his little incident. Good luck with your dressage tests!!!