Thursday, February 2, 2012

By George I think We've Got It!

By George I think We've Got It!

Sam and I have been working on transitions, flexion and canter transitions. I have been riding! When I saw that I mean I am not just sitting on board and hoping for the best I have been riding and thinking about what we are doing.

With the training day coming up I have been practicing parts of the tests. Usually I canter after I have him really soft and round and forward on a 20m circle and if need be doing a 10m circle and cantering from that - helps with the flexion and bend. But today we practiced canter in the corner. He did really well! To the right he wasn't quite as rigid and stiff and to the left he didn't leap anywhere near as high - as long as I really tried to keep him relaxed.

Things are falling into place and for the first time in my riding life I can feel the improvement and I feel like I am doing an OK job!!!!! It does help that I have a wonderful pony!!!!!

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