Monday, February 7, 2011

Sam still lame

Well I won't be meeting Pirate, his mum sold him on the weekend. Never mind if it was meant to be it would be.

I tried to ride Sam this afternoon but he is still lame. Straight line - sound. Circle left - sound. Circle right still very lame. I have given him a little over a week so I will take him to the vets on Friday. We might get him x-rayed and see what they think. He is happy within himself and certainly wanted to get out and about today on our ride. I might take him for a walk tomorrow afternoon.

I hope you are all surviving the ice cold!


Anonymous said...

Might be more of a chiro issue in the lower back, hip or stifle area - have you got a body-work person to look at him? X-rays not a bad idea either. Hope all comes right again soon.

Nina said...

Thanks Kate but no body work person yet. I will see what the vet says and move on from there. There is a nice sized splint on the leg that he seems to be sore on.

Wolfie said...

Hope it goes well with the vet.