Monday, October 1, 2012

Cleveland Bays

Cleveland Bay, I have always loved the breed but never thought I would have the opportunity to own one. I am lucky to have a Cleveland Bay stud locally and I visited them about 4 years ago, where I met and fell in love with a little yearling by the name of David. The stud is now closing down and all youngsters, broodmares and stallions are for sale.........

On Sunday my other half and I decided to go for another visit and see what youngsters they have. We were greeted by Impeccable Marksman, one of their stallions , who enjoyed racing us down the driveway.

We went to have a look at the rest who had been bought into a smaller paddock near the house. Who should be the first face we see..........Little David, all grown up!

His legs forgot to grow but the rest of him didn't! I don't think he is very tall, 16hh but very wide and solid!!!!! He is 5yo now, halter broken and basic handling. Friendly fellow and could do with loosing a few kilos but OOHHHHH so cute!

The next familiar face was Hilda. She is the same age as David and I remember her as well from our last visit. She is now broken in but hasn't been ridden for well over 12 months.

She has the same colouring as her dad, Marksman and such big ears!!!! She was very much in your face and wanted to know what you were doing and if she could help.
There were other beautiful babies and mums but one other caught my eye. A 2yo by the name of Magmus. He didn't want to come in with the others so was left out in the big paddock by himself but such a handsome fellow........
All the horses were in very good condition, maybe a little too good :)
This was a young filly
And another filly
There was weanling but I couldn't get a clear photo of him.
So the decision begins. Who should come home with me!!!!!!!!! I am tempted to take David, Magmus and Hilda home........................................

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